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Lamborghini ditched near North Dallas Tollway

Ever heard of Lamborghini being ditched? Yes, I am talking about a Lamborghini being ditched on the North Dallas Tollway. Well, many of you may have been shocked by numerous instances this year, but this news certainly stands amidst the top ones for me. Now, the question arises, who would leave behind a $200,000 luxury car on the streets and walk away. This is undoubtedly one of the weirdest incidents of the 2015 that has left quite a few Lamborghini lovers in a sad state of mind.d26668b4357edd12ac1d6f182990c5da

According to the reports, a yellow Lamborghini was found without any owner. The reports also suggest that the Lamborghini had a bump in front. The bump clearly means that the car met with an accident and then it was left on the road without an owner. The authorities have taken the custody of the car this Sunday morning, leaving behind a list of questions to be answered.

It seems that the car met with an accident while being driven along the North Dallas Tollway and the driver probably abandoned the vehicle in fear. What makes things more interesting is that the car had no identifying information on it. The authorities fear that the Lamborghini may well have been a stolen one.

On the other hand, the internet media have responded in an interesting fashion to the incident. Some of the users have found out the funny side of the incident with one user ready to take the claim of the Lamborghini.

Lamborghini ditched near North Dallas Tollway

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  1. I think someone borrowed the expensive car from someone for a joy ride. The car got accidentally damaged. That former someone left the car, left the country to avoid facing the 🙁 of the latter someone.

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