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Motorola Moto E: 4 common issues and fixes – camera, display, battery and heating

The Motorola Moto E came up as a very good phone with many cool features in its price range. Priced at around $115, Moto E can be the best option for people who don’t like to spend too much for smartphones. Moto E comes with a decent 4.3 inch display with 1 GB RAM, 4 GB of internal storage and up to 32 GB expandable external storage. The phone accepts Micro-SIM Cards and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat. However, over the course of time from its release in the market, the Moto E showed some faults in its performance. One of the few major problems the phone shows are as follows.mote-e-problems-solutions

Overheating Charger on Moto E

The charger overheats a lot and slowly deteriorates the condition of the charger and decreases its life. There are also chances of a short circuit during overheating and hence this is one the biggest problems with the phone’s accessories. However, you can take care of the situation by using the charger for shorter instances and checking if the charger is overheating to dangerous levels. If it heats too much simply purchase a good branded charger and the rest is good.

Rebooting Issues on Moto E

Complains about sudden reboots have been reported in the long run. The phone reboots abruptly and causes a restart. This usually happens due to a hardware trouble and you should replace the phone if it is still new. In other conditions, sudden reboots can be minimized by using the phone with less number of applications running at the same time. It can also be caused due to overheating while using the phone and you can minimize the issue by using it for shorter instances again.

Camera Issues on on Moto E

The phone offers a 5 megapixel camera and no front camera; which is a major setback. The rear camera being 5 megapixels is not very sharp and clear. There is no flash and low light clicking can be useless. The camera also does not offer auto-focus; as a result of this clicking clear images can be very difficult. Hence, it is safe to say that the entire camera experience is not very pleasant.

Dead Pixels on Moto E Display

Dead Pixels appear on screens in the long run in some phones, but with Moto E there has been complaining about dead pixels, pretty early.  It can cause major dissatisfaction for the customer as it can black-out some important parts of the screen. From reading texts to watching videos, the dead pixels can simply ruin your experience with the phone. The pixel issues can be tackled to limit by the use of external apps like the “Dead Pixel Detect and Fix” app which clears off dead pixels.

The Motorola Moto E surely has some flaws than can be very unpleasant for everyday use, however, the flaws are not that big and you have options and alternatives to make your way around the problem. Being realistic it is also safe to say that one cannot expect all the cutting edge features at a price range that low. Hence, keeping the price range in mind, the Moto E looks good to be a cheap and perfect Mobile phone, but not that good to be a perfect Smartphone.

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