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Pebble Time smartwatch becomes the most funded Kickstarter campaign ever

Pebble’s new Kickstarter campaign for Pebble Time, a smartwatch made of ‘colored e-paper’, has managed to raise nearly $17 million funds supported by approximately 67,000 backers. Moreover, the Pebble Time Kickstarter campaign has broken its own record set for its original smartwatch two years ago. The highest ever crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign was “Coolest Cooler” with $13.2 million, while original Pebble watch raised $10.2 million record.pebblesunny

Pebble Time features a smaller metal body and a color display with a thinner design than the original. Pebble Time is raising funds for the campaign for $159 and the smartwatch will be delivered by May. The campaign on Kickstarter is a few days old and the remaining 19 days is expected to raise few more millions, to make it harder for any other future campaigns to break this record.

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The company is soon going to establish itself as the crowd sourcing leader on the site and its smartwatch’s popularity has contributed to the new record. Despite several players like Apple, Samsung and Motorola, Pennle has its own fan following and has developed its own OS. Pebble Time will be priced at $199 when it releases in May.

“Apps are an inefficient way to interact with a smartwatch,” said Pebble.

The new smartwatch has a backlit Gorilla Glass screen, offering seven days battery backup and comes in three colors (black,white and red). The smartwatch can sync with iOS, Android for message, call, internet and other features. The device features a hardware port for plugging in other sensors or devices. The company has also released a software development kit for coding the gadget.

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The team behind the development of Time mentioned that Pebbles were clogged up when more apps were added for increased functionality. The company also plans to bring voice-to-text feature in the device for sending messages. Pebble has clearly indicated that it does not want to complicate its smartwatch, by adding apps and wants to retain its simplicity. As more companies are yet to find a market for smartwatches, Pebble iOS continuing to be an established company in the market.

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