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HBO Now, a direct-to-consumer service cost $15 per month

The reports from earlier this week states that HBO is ready to launch its first and much awaited direct to the consumer service, supposedly named as HBO Now. The general expectation was that HBO Now will be different and better that the present counterparts, but as it seems, there is not going to be a lot of change in the offerings.HBO Now to cost $15 per month

The reports suggest that HBO Now may well just be another VOD channel with no live streaming of videos authority. Thus, the validity of the service itself is in doubts.

On the other hand, the service will reportedly cost approximately about $15 per month, which is a bit too costly for a certain section of the crowd. The experts believe that the price that HBO Now is claiming can have two different aspects.

According to the source, if HBO Now is looking to compete with video streaming service providers like NetFlix, then the price is certainly a bit too much. NetFlix provides video streaming service at a range of $8 to $12, which is at least $3 cheaper that HBO Now.

If HBO Now has the standard cable and satellite video streaming service providers in mind, then the price is not high at all. Instead, it might well be that the quality from HBO Now is way better that the other Cord Cutters. It also has been reported that the company is partnering up with Apple Inc. for the launch of HBO Now.

Now, the question that arises in the minds of a lot of people is, why cannot HBO Now obtained at the price of NetFlix? The answer is simple. NetFlix just requires internet connection and on the other hand, HBO Now needs the satellites to stream videos.

In addition, HBO Now will have premium content and this is actually a major factor to decide on. To be true, there is no way by which HBO Now can cost less than $15 per month. Now, it is up to the consumers to decide.

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