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Digital Detox on National Day of unplugging

A non-profit organization urged people to go on a 24-hour digital detox on National Day of Unplugging. The organization reached out to people worldwide to join the event that took place from Friday sundown (March 6)  to Saturday sundown (March7).national-unplug-day

Reboot, a New York City based group mainly promotes Jewish traditions through events and projects in a bid to reach out to the younger, modern audience. The National Day of Unplugging is similar to the Sabbath manifesto, a one day ritual where people relax, connect with nature and spend their day with loved ones.

“It’s just too much to handle so it’s great to take a break,” said Tanya Schevitz, Reboot.

Schevitz stated that people were missing important moments in their lives as they “buried” their faces in smartphones. She added that people were under attack all the time from technology, emails, Facebook posts and tweets. The group was expecting about 20,000 people to join the activities worldwide. The tech community, particularly, took an interest in trying the digital detox.

The group had given presentations at schools and received feedback from kids that wanted their parents to stop using digital communication and connect with them more. Schevitz added mentioned that people were sitting for dinner and everyone were busy on their smartphones. A simple dinner without any devices would make a huge difference.

San Francisco’s Rec and Parks has participated in the event. Alexander Ari, a resident from Macedonia mentioned that he used various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and others and felt that the event was a good getaway. The people who attended that party hosted by the group were given “sleeping bags” to put their devices to sleep.The event reached into its sixth year and had a widespread reach this year.

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