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Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Preview now available for download

Microsoft seems to have discovered a soft spot for Apple Inc. products as they release Office 2016 for Mac. Microsoft initially released Office for Mac in the year 2010 but it was way below what we had on Windows then. Since then, things have gradually grown better and Microsoft has not only upgraded Office for Mac but also released quite a few applications for other Apple Products.Microsoft launches Office 2016 for Mac

Although the Office 2016 is not yet ready for use, Microsoft has released a preview program today. Considering the fact that the preview program is free, the experts recommend the users, to check it out as it is nothing less that Office on Windows.

The first thing that strikes with Office 2016 for Mac is the user interface. The combination of the previous features of Office for Mac and Office for Windows in turn gives Office 2016 for Mac, an exclusive and a much needed appearance. According to an official, the mix is such that the basic  features of Office for Mac has been kept intact and optimized for OS X.

Microsoft has taken a leaf from Office 2013 for Windows, as they have integrated all the cloud storage services into Office 2016. Thus, in case you have a document on OneDrive, you can easily edit it on Windows as well as Mac via the integrated features of Microsoft Office.

There are quite a few interesting features in Office 2016 for Mac. Although, both have a very much similar User Interface, Microsoft has added a few extra features like a better dictionary, a style pane for designing the documents, etc..


Microsoft has also allowed co-authoring, allowing two or more people, to work on a same document at the same time. According to the reports, Office 2016 for Mac will be officially available for the users by the end of this summer.

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