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Import of Dangerous Snakes Restricted by the Wildlife Service

Several types of snakes are imported from various countries of the world as a part of various researches and habitual reasons. Some of the snakes are found in larger numbers and hence are imported. But the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has recently announced the addition of four more large species of snakes into the list of restricted snakes to be imported.Boa constrictor

The Fish and Wildlife Service have declared that the 4 injuriously dangerous snakes, which include the Green Anaconda, Beni Anaconda, DaSchauensee’s Anaconda and the reticulated python, should not be imported from any country as per the Lacey Act. The Fish and Wildlife Service has also stated that the Boa Constrictor which is also another dangerous snake has also been exempted from the list of non-importable wild life species.

The Lacey act prohibits the buying, selling, import and export of all the species mentioned on the list of injurious. In order to restrict the circulation of such venomous snake, such a ban has been imposed under the Lacey act. This rule is intended to be made public on March 10th, 2015, and the ban will be activated after 30 days.

Such large, dangerous snakes are costing the Americans millions of dollars for damage control and placing at risk the lives of several centralized species of Florida. The ban will help by not contributing to the spread of such snakes. The Fish and Wildlife Service had also imposed ban on the Burmese python, which had grown in huge numbers in the U.S.

Green Anaconda and reticulated python are the largest snake species all around the world and are greater threats to the local wildlife. The other two types of anacondas are not much found in Florida. The Fish and Wildlife Service states that the restriction has been imposed to avoid any future problems in the country.

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