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Costco follows McDonalds to say no to chicken fed on antibiotics

After the fast food giant McDonald’s took the decision of restricting use of antibiotics in chicken and milk, Costco (NASDAQ:COST), the retail giant is all set to follow the same rule.costco-retailer

The Washington based company’s spokesperson informed about it’s long term aim to eliminate the use of antibiotics in chicken and meat.

With the cooperation of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,  Costco is working towards complete elimination of antibiotics in breeding. The company is seller of 80 million rotisserie chickens annually. It is also working closely with the suppliers and other regulatory bodies in the industry for the same cause.

However the target date for completion of this change is not set yet.

Due to constant consumption of chicken and meat, which has been bred on antibiotics with medical application in humans can increase drug resistivity of germs. Consequently, these antibiotics will be ineffective during illness treatments in humans. Though the application of antibiotics is legal in the veterinary field, many animal rights activists and consumer forums have objected it. Even public health experts are against feeding antibiotics to pigs, chickens and cattle on a regular basis.

Many giants in the industry have taken note of these studies and started an own initiative to achieve goal of antibiotics free chicken. Chick-fil-a, another fast food restaurant chain plans to achieve this goal in next five years.  As of now the company has managed to eliminate 20 percent usage.

Tyson foods, one of the marketers of chicken across the United States, have reduced use of antibiotics in chicken by 84 percent since 2011. With its tagline ‘Food with Integrity’, Chipotle Mexican Grill, a restaurant chain has also given similar signals.

Announced on Thursday, Costco’s Q2 earnings have topped Wall Street estimates, but the company earned less revenue.  The company plans to partner with Citi group and Visa in the domain of credit cards.

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