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Apple iPad Pro won’t get unveiled this Monday

If you were the one of those people expecting Apple show-off at Monday Press event, then catch your breath. Latest rumors says that, delay in production makes Apple to re-schedule the release of its upcoming large-screen iPad.Apple-iPad_Reuters_NEW1-624x351

Apple has gone for different options for the new device and in the meantime, it has decided to go for an oxide LCD panel instead of ordinary FT LCD. The sources said that, Apple has selected Sharp as a main supplier for its upcoming product. Still now, Apple has not yet announced anything about Apple larger iPad, and Wall Street Journal announces that the new device might feature a USB ports and also a separate port for keyboard as well as mouse.

The upcoming version of iPad has no features like that, but Apple may consider that as a suggestion and implements in upcoming models. In the last summer, Apple has unveiled a new partnership with IBM for developing iOS apps for enterprise users. The larger iPad might be an initiative for replacing laptops in the field of business.

In the Q1 2015 financial report, Apple has mentioned,

“The company believes the decline in sales is due in part to a longer repurchase cycle for iPads and some level of cannibalization from the company’s other products,” the Q1 2015 financial report said. “Additionally, while iPad channel inventory in all of the company’s operating segments increased from the beginning to the end of the quarter to support new product introductions and seasonal demand, it was less than the increase in iPad channel inventory during the first quarter of 2014.”

Apple has declined to comment for the upcoming larger iPad release and at the same time, Apple has plans to launch the new Apple Watch next week. Apple Watch will reach the market in the month of April and this will be the “the most personal product we’ve ever made.”

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