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Roto Chair creates a different approach to virtual reality

Roto is a motorized chair platform with a different approach to virtual reality, offering more possibilities than a ordinary VR headset. The spinning chair features a footplate controller for controlling direction and speed, offering a more realistic experience.roto2

The VR chair is similar to the working of a joystick and offers a greater space to the users in the virtual world. As most VR headsets face difficulty in offering a realistic 360 view, Roto with its pinning ability with the controller makes it more realistic. As the footplate will involve the physical effort for spinning of the chair, it gives a natural feeling instead of a computer generated perspective.

The point of view can also be changed while walking and movement starts with the head followed by the body. Blurring of images is eliminated as there is controlled progression in an environment. One of the major problems face by VR headsets is nausea caused by a confusion in the inner ear fluid that maintains balance. However, Roto solves the problem as the body is also moving at the same time.

The prototype Roto has a gaming PC in its base, a motor capable of spinning at greater speeds during danger and automatic calibration for different people. Currently, the analog footplate is used to control the speed and direction though it will be replaced by touchpads in the final version.

Developers will not need to create a support system for Roto as it works independently within the headset.  The company has released a SDK for users to use the chair in different ways. This might be used by movie creators or game developers to bring in automatic control during action scenes or cut-scenes in a game. The issue of tangled cables is removed by a slip-ring design.

Roto will be launched via Kickstarter and the based and footplate will be priced at $310 with additional options like chair design, table attachment and depth sensing cameras from other companies.

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