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McDonald’s says no to chicken raised on antibiotics

McDonald’s announced that it won’t be using chicken raised on antibiotics, which are important to human health. The Illinois based fast food giant has similar plans of not using milk from cows, which are treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST for more productivity.mcdonalds-antibiotic-policy

The company further added that the suppliers can use ‘Iophores’, an antibiotic used to keep chicken healthy but not used in humans. The change in the use of chicken will be implemented within next two years. In the case of milk, the change will take place by the end of this year.

McDonald’s this announcement can influence the production process of chicken in the United States.  The consumption pattern of chicken will also change country wide.  According to National Chicken Council, US spent around US$80 billion on chicken in 2014. McDonald’s being one of the largest buyers of chicken and eggs in the country is definitely a ‘market maker’ for chicken.

The application of antibiotics in food products has become an issue of debate among environmentalists, corporations and consumers. According to experts, it has a direct effect on germs as they become more drug resistant. This would ultimately result in dis-functioning of antibiotics in treating human illness.

The decision also reflects a different approach of new leadership in company to face challenges. The announcement comes after Steve Easterbrook took over as a Chief Executive officer of the fast food giant.

McDonald’s is struggling to project its products as healthy meal than junk food.  The growing competition further makes it difficult as consumers are opting for rivals, which promise healthy food at affordable prices.

“Customers are more concerned about ingredients day by day. We need to go where customers need us to be at. More changes like this are welcome,” said Scott Taylor at Turnaround Summit in Las Vegas. He is a McDonald’s franchisee.

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