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Tests reveals iPhone 5S motion sensors noticeably miscalibrated

Though Apple’s iPhone line is known for its solid build and reliability, recent series of tests by Gizmodo shows miscalibration in some models of iPhone 5S.

Apple’s motion senors have proven to be an advantage for many games and applications with measurements, navigation and more. Two separate units of iPhone 5S that were tested by Gizmodo shows that these devices actually provide inaccurate readings for the device compass, gyroscope, level and accelerometer.


The tests were done in comparison with iPhone 5S with an iPhone 5 and a number of dedicated measuring tool kits. During calibration testing of the device iPhone 5S reading was 2-3 degrees in comparison with a Stanley spirit level. Other 5S users reported that their readout was off by 4-6 degrees. However the iPhone 5 gave a similar reading to the physical level,the probable issue being in the hardware.

However the gyroscopic function in iPhone 5S performed a little better since it depends on the same hardware as the inclinometer. When set up on a level table the iPhone 5 showed the 0-degree as expected, whereas iPhone 5S read -3 degrees off level. In Another test, there was a more accurate reading in iPhone 5 than 5S which showed an accurate reading for magnetic north against a real compass. Both the devices were measured 8 to 10 degrees apart. More latent motion was noticeable in the iPhone 5S  than iPhone 5.

Users couldn’t understand the reason behind the flawed readings, though some are confident that the issue would be rectified by a software update. While many report the problem has disappeared, some have taken their devices back to exchange them.

 via [Gizmodo]

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