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Apple iPhone 5c explodes in man’s pocket in New York

Eric Johnson from Long Island, New York suffered third-degree burns after his iPhone 5c exploded in his pocket during Valentine’s day. The 29-year old had to remain in the burn unit for 10 days and was released last week from the hospital.phone-exploded2-700x336

Johnson has stated that he will no longer be able to work due to the burns. He expressed his pain and is currently treated by a nurse for changing his bandage twice a day. The device was placed in his front hip pocket, thereby causing burns on his legs. The incident happened when he was in his cousin’s home in New Jersey and had suffered severe injuries.

“A couple of people actually said they could smell my body burning,” said Johnson.

While bending to get his keys while the phone started burning and his leg started to get on fire. The phone melted his pockets and had to rip his pants to prevent further injury. Johnson mentioned that it was an instant burn as the device did not even warm up. He added that he never expected this to happen. The cause of the incident is not yet known.

Recently in October, Philip Lecther had suffered burn injuries after his new iPhone 6 caught on fire after bending though he suffered only minor burns. The two incidents are likely caused due to the bending of iPhones triggering a sudden fire. Several cases of iPhone explosion are reported and most were cases of using third party accessory like chargers or others.

Johnson’s lawyer is ready for the legal battle with Apple while the company stated that it will investigate the matter. As the latest case caused third-degree burns and loss of work to Johnson, the company might offer a compensation.

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