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Siberian Mystery craters continue to confuse scientists

Although Siberia is one of the most inhabitable places on earth, but Mystery has found its way to inhabit the coldest place on earth. According to the recent reports, more mysterious craters have been discovered in the region of late. It was during the summer of 2014, the first of the mysterious craters were discovered in Yamal Peninsula in Remote Siberia. When we checked out the incident last year, every individual, including the scientists were even clueless about crater. It seems that the craters appeared out of nowhere, leaving a series of questions to be answered.Siberian Mystery craters continue to confuse scientists

Presently, there are 7 craters that the scientists know of. Initially, it was thought that the craters were formed due to meteors hitting the earth’s surface. But the idea was later discarded due to lack of proof. The craters were the center of many debates and controversies since then. But the scientists now tend to believe that it was gaseous explosions, which led to the craters.

According to the reports, the region is a rich source of methane gas. The explanations include the incident of an explosion of methane gas, owing to global warming. With the meltdown of the thick layers of ice in Siberia, the methane gas, which was trapped inside the earth found its way to come out.

The Scientists believe that the explosions that allowed Methane gas to be released into the atmosphere is also responsible for the deep and mysterious craters. Out of the 7 craters, B2 has turned into a lake and is of interest for the scientists. Reports include that bubbles come out of the lake, indicating that Some sort of gas is still being leaked into the Atmosphere.

Scientists are also glad because the Siberian region is sparsely populated and thus the explosions have not had an immediate impact on mankind. On the other hand, Scientists are quite wary of the amount of Methane that was released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Methane, being a Greenhouse Gas, certainly has a long term role to play in the Global Warming, which has rather picked up pace in the last decade of so.

Presently, the scientists have no idea whether there are more locations where Methane gas is still trapped or not. It is extremely important to ensure that proper research is done so as to avoid any adverse effect on mankind. According to Vasily Bogoyavlensky, a scientist of the Oil and Gas Research Institute, Moscow, it is important to understand the phenomenon of creation of the craters quickly, to avoid any unwanted incidents.

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