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Blackberry to have less than 1 million users by 2017

Time for Blackberry is probably out unless the company can dish out an extraordinary device very soon. According to the reports, the user base for Blackberry has been falling constantly for the last 5 years now and it seems that the inevitable is near.Blackberry to have less than 1 million users by 2017

Blackberry held approximately 8% of the market share in the year 2012, but sadly, the numbers have not improved since then. In fact, the statistics suggest that there is a healthy chance that Backberry will have less than 1 million devices left in the market by the year 2017.

The experts believe that the glory years are gone for the once renowned company. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android can also be held responsible for the fall of Blackberry. In the present world, the main competition has been between iOS and Android, as both have strong foothold in various markets across the world. Both iOS and Android have their own share of loyal fans, but even that seems to have faded away from Blackberry.

Interestingly, Windows Phones have also gained a bit of pace in the fast moving market across the globe, making it further difficult for Blackberry. Windows Phone finally edged out Blackberry last year, placing them in the fourth position. The experts believe that it might well happen that Blackberry is completely erased off from the list by the year 2020, leaving us with just 3 major players in the world market.

Some individuals also believe that it is going to take quite some time for Windows Phone to come into serious considerations as the operating system is still way behind the market leaders: iOS and Android. Blackberry might well try out their best, but it seems impossible for the company to return to the glorious past that it once had.

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  1. What an ill researched article.

  2. This article is so funny.Is it me or this author is trying to sell that the company is dying. Last time I checked blackberry shares went up, and they partner with Samsung and Google. This company is now in a transitional state, with very good management. I don't see the point of this article talking about what happened in the past.Innovation, creativity, and security is what makes this company so interesting. If we all remember Apple was once in a whole as BlackBerry and now look what they have accomplished in the past decade. Blackberry is already returning like it or not.

  3. Less than 1 million users… sounds exclusive.

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