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Huawei’s smartwatch leaked hours before MWC 2015

Two lengthy videos showcasing Huawei’s new smartwatch was leaked online revealing the design and usage of the device hours before the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. The smartwatch carries a similar build of Moto 360 with steel bezels and sleek design without a flat surface display.SAVE_20150301_182344

The Huawei Watch is powered by Android Wear, features conventional lugs for easy swap of bands and a “crown” button at 2:00 position. The smartwatch will be available in steel, silver, gold and black with a variety of leather and metal bands. The device features a unisex design with 42m body size and is covered by sapphire, commonly used in premium smartwatches. However women might find the design bulky due to the size.

The smartwatch will have a heart rate sensor and temperature sensors. The video reveals a man interacting with the watch via Google Now. More details will be revealed at the MWC when and will be among other smartwatches like LG’s Android-based Urbane smartwatch. The three-day event at  Barcelona is set to reveal some interesting new technologies and devices.

Apple is also expected to reveal more details of the much awaited Apple watch, a high-end smartwatch that will feature unique features like unlocking cars and others. However Huawei watch does not have any new features that might attract customers. Several players like Samsung, Apple and Motorola are already trying to gain a foothold in the smartwatch market with their own platforms.

The leaked video has been taken down by the user. The materials used in the smartwatch indicated that the device is aimed at high-end consumers who do not look for features and might buy it as an accessory. Huawei might also reveal unique features during the MWC that might give an edge against other smartwatches.

Update: Huawei has released two official promotional videos on YouTube revealing the new smartwatch:

The video has been taken down again 🙁

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