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Here is the Google’s new headquarter plan in video and photos

Google is all set to shock the world again. This time it is not going to be some gadget or anything related to technology. Instead, the Search Engine giant is set to make some noise with its upcoming campus in Mountain View, California. The images of their upcoming campus posted by Google, will surely make you wish to be a part of it. The architectural design is such that you will instantly fall in love with it.Google's new headquarters will make you love architecture

As it can be seen from the images, the curved roofs, the glass walls, the movable modules, etc. are all a part of the single design, which makes the building an extraordinary piece of work.

According to the Google’s Vice President of Real Estate, Mr. David Radcliffe, the building is an effort put forward to blur the difference between man made buildings and nature. The building itself holds trees, landscapes, bike paths, cafeterias, etc., making it a different world within another world.

The whole structure has been designed by Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels. Mr. Heatherwick is famous owing to the 2012 London Olympics and Mr. Ingels is an upcoming designer. Although, Google is quite enthusiastic to carry out the proposed design, but it seems that the remainder of California is not ready to accept the building. Some people believe that this will have a tremendous impact on the minds of the non-Google employees, which is not a wanted scenario.

On the other hand, Google is ready to hand out everything it can, to prevent any unwanted scenarios. According to the reports, Google will lend out bike paths to the local community along with providing retail opportunities as well. The company also has plans to put forward various energy saving plans, which will in turn help the local community. Interestingly, Google had chosen Mountain View for their headquarter approximately 15 years ago due to the excellent ambience it provides.

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