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Google reverses its decision on blocking adult blogger sites

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) on Thursday reversed its decision to block porn content on blogger sites after facing widespread criticism. The company’s content rules mentions that any site based on rape, incest, brutality and others will be taken down.

Google social product support manager Jessica Pelegio stated that the company received a lot of positive feedback for the change, though it impacted a lot of people who used it as a platform to express their sexual identities. The company mentioned that bloggers should thrust a pop-up that mentions access only for adults and marking posts for adult content.

“We’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn,” said Pelegio.

Blogs under adult labels include various categories like LGBT diaries, transgender activists, sex toy reviewers and others. Google mentioned that it is going to step up its efforts against commercial porn as a part of its existing policy. The decision is seen in order to prevent a major drop in advertising revenue from the millions of adult blogger websites.

Earlier, Google stated that the adult blogger sites will be blocked from public access since March 23 and the sites will remain viewable only to the users. Most adult sites were following the content rules and various communities will be affected if the sites were blocked. The company receives a widespread backlash from several users and communities and stated that it shared a “concern” for users.

However, Google is likely to ban any offensive sexual content or that will violate community rules. The company was likely experimenting with the response from users on banning sexual content from blogger websites as there was a quick decision to withdraw the ban. Bloggers who were following content rules have been notified to continue using their adult sites.

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