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Archaeological evidence: Wheat reached British mainland 8000 years ago

The latest Archaeological survey points towards the presence of Wheat in Great Britain, way before British Farmers started growing the crop on their lands. According to the reports, Wheat entered Great Britain approximately 8000 years ago. Till date it was believed that the arrival of ancient hunters and gatherers made way for Wheat and Barley to the British Mainland. The recent archaeological evidence has something else to say.Wheat reached British mainland 8000 years ago

In a recent excavation at a submerged cliff off the Isle of Wight, Fragments of Wheat’s DNA was recovered, pointing to the arrival of Wheat around 2000 years ahead of the ancient hunters and gatherers started farming. The DNA was recovered from a Peat bog of the region. History suggests that farming began in the island country near the eastern region and spread along two different routes to the interiors.

On the other hand, the discovery of Wheat’s DNA in a Peat bog dating more that 8000 years indicates to another route by which the grain moved into Britain. The scientists believe that Wheat was traded or exchanged by the settlers of the period, indicating to trade relationships with other parts of Europe. The DNA found at the Peat bog is ‘einkorn’ and was collected by the scientists from the sediment along a nearby flowing river.

Peter Rowley-Conwy, an archaeologist at the Durham University, UK said,

“The authors do not do justice to the chronology of the spread of agriculture,” he complains, noting that “thousands of directly radiocarbon-dated cereal grains” argue against farming in Western Europe that early. “One DNA study of this kind is just not enough to overturn all this.”

The idea of trade or exchange is more logical because there are no traces of wheat being grown in the land until 2000 years later. Scientists believe that Wheat arrived in Great Britain via trade relation to other European regions where Wheat was grown already. Some scientists also believe that there was also a very strong cultural relationship between Great Britain and other parts of Europe.

Scientists are currently looking for more information about ancient Britain and how did Wheat actually reach the interiors at that time.

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