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‘The Dress’ breaks the internet with a two tone color trick

A harmless photo posted by ‘Swiked’ on Tumblr this Thursday has turned out to be the 2015 image that broke the internet. The user had posted the dress’ photograph because she herself was confused about the color tone of the dress and sought help from others in confirming it for her. But later it turned out to be perplexing for the entire internet world, when everyone seemed to wildly disagree with each other on the color combination of the dress.thedress-broke-the-internet

The viral phenomena were made possible after Buzzfeed picked the photo up and published it, resulting in 16 million impressions in just under 5 hours, thus making it the biggest viral phenomena of our times. This internet event eclipsed another viral phenomenon of two llamas escaping from a retirement home and the most important revolutionary step taken by FCC to sustain a neutral internet framework.

The dress, which is a two toned dress, has confused many on the internet as unanimous confirmation has been largely missing. This is because the number of guys voting for a different color tone combination of the dress is almost neck to neck with no clear majority emerging in favor of any one particular combination. Some opine that the dress is white and gold, whereas some opine it is blue and black.

At the same time, there are some who insist that the dress is colored in blue and gold. On the other hand, there are others who believe it is brown and blue. A uniform color combination has eluded the perceptive minds of the most internet Denizens thus leading to a massive interest in the Dress, that got even CNN and FOX into the viral action.

This wild divergence in color perception led several to propound multiple theories as explanations to explain the phenomena. Some argued that this could be a hoax by others to troll common internet users. However, any such notions were quickly dispelled when users found even their family members not agreeing with each other on the color combination.

It was also hypothesized that different mobile display screens could possibly be a reason behind the colors playing tricks on the eyes of viewers. What we would like to think, however, is that a poor camera quality must be behind this worldwide confusion currently existing in the minds of many. If color perception had anything to do with it, then none of us would agree on any other color in our daily lives.

However, the controversy over the colors may reach a peaceful end after reports have started pouring in of the actual store from where the dress was photographed. Now it has been confirmed that the dress in reality is actually blue and black. The store is called, ‘Roman Originals’ and is located in London, UK.

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