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Annual Consumer Reports: Model S Sedan is the best overall car

The Annual Consumer Reports are out and the results will not surprise the experts. The year 2014 saw the arrival of many good cars and the competition among them was fierce too. For the second year on the trot, Tesla held on to the top position in the overall category as Tesla Motors’ Model S Sedan was voted the best car of the year. The success of Tesla’s Model S Sedan clearly shows that for the consumers the price is not always  an evaluating factor.tesla-model-s-lamborghini-newport-beach

The success for Tesla comes through after beating more that 50 high performance cars in the category, adding another glorious feather to the crown held by Tesla all through the year. According to the reports, all the cars had to go through 50 different kinds of test for the evaluation. The rankings were determined by the scores every car earned during the tests. Tesla’s Model S Sedan virtually out performed all the cars by some margin.

The cars were evaluated on three main criteria:

  1. Reliability: The evaluation in this section was basically based on a survey where more that 1.1 million vehicles were rated.
  2. Performance: The points credited to the vehicles in the section were based on the performance that they delivered during a road test.
  3. Safety: The top scorers in this section had to go through tests like simulated crash and rollover tests conducted by the Government or the Insurance industry.

Tesla’s Model S Sedan scored an overall score of 99 with an average reliability of 3 out of 5. On the other hand, Chevrolet Impala was named the best large car of the year due to the outstanding riding experience that it provides. Chevrolet Impala gathered an overall test score of 91.

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Buick Regal was the best among the sport sedans as it went past many quality competitors. Buick Regal had an overall test score of 83 and received 4 out of 5 for reliability. Audi A6 was the best among the Luxurious Cars. The main reason behind the success is because the vehicle is one of the few in its class which provides features like excellent fuel efficiency at 22 MPG. The car came up with an overall test score of 90 and 3 out of 5 for reliability.

Among the brands, Lexus is at the top, followed by Mazda, Toyota and Audi. It is really heartening to see General Motors to be back among the top after the debacle it had owing to the ignition switch issue.

According to the experts, this year’s Consumer report clearly shows that many good quality cars have during the year. The same will be expected for the year 2015 and car makers will battle it out again.

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