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OnePlus One Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Delayed till March 2015

OnePlus One smartphone gained a huge popularity since its launch in 2014. It was sold via an invite-only method and people loved the aesthetic appeal as well as the OS on the device. OnePlus introduced the first flagship phone with an Android like experience as they modified the vanilla software to create their own. But they promised the buyers an update to Lollipop in less than three months. It is almost the end of February and users are getting impatient. Almost all phones of different brands that were in the pipeline of getting an upgrade are running Android Lollipop these days.oneplus-one

On Twitter Carl Pei was asked the same question regarding the rumored OxygenOS update, which was supposed to be here by this time. Carl Pie responded to the tweet by saying that a stable upgrade is in the process and it will be available at the end of the next month, March.

CM12S and OxygenOS are going to be based on Lollipop version. The CEO of OnePlus also apologized for the delay in his tweet but assured of the stable release as the experts are testing and reiterating the new build. Most impatient users have installed Android Lollipop via Custom ROM and rooted it. But it is not a proper way to do it.

CyanogenMod and OnePlus made a mistake because they created a big hype when they launched the phone but it seems they bit more than they could chew. The current situation clearly depicts that they have failed to deliver what they promised. Our ‘sixth sense’ says they will lose some customers for sure.

Also at Android forums people are supporting and taking sides with CyanogenMod because they got access to the Lollipop source code very late. This is the reason why OnePlus CM12S and OxygenOS ROM upgrade has been delayed.

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  1. My Nexus 7 with Lollipop is laggy and unstable. It's useless. I rather wait longer for a stable release.

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