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Microsoft Corp. making quick changes; ready to move on with mobile tech

Microsoft is possibly getting all geared up to take on all the major competitors in the various fields that they venture in. The change has come precisely after the appointment of Mr. Satya Nadella as the CEO of Microsoft Corporation.nadella-205

The company is all set to break the barriers based on the operating systems for mobiles as the focus has now shifted to developing applications for Android and iOS as well. Microsoft has been primarily dependent on their flagship product, Windows. Since the arrival of Mr. Nadella the attitude of the corporation has changed promising a diverse future for the Windows makers.

The decision to move on from their flagship product is justified well enough owing to the steep 13% decline in Windows for personal computers in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2015. The fall is not just in the sales of Windows but also in the overall usage as well.

There has been an 11% fall, where the Windows operating system ran on approximately 90% computers across the globe. The issues that users have encountered with Windows 8 has not helped the matter as well. The fall in the market for Windows was expected to some individuals, but the pace at which it is falling was not expected.

Mr. Nadella accepts the fact that there is a rapid decline in the market share for Windows. On the other hand, the CEO has also accepted that there is no room for tradition in the industry; the industry needs innovation and it has been lacking to a certain extent.

The man has already taken quite a few steps to increase the company’s activity in mobile productivity applications. The year 2014 saw the company buying out Mahjong at $2.5 billion. Mr. Nadella has also made quite a few significant changes to the engineering teams to yeald better results.

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