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A refurbished Google Wallet against Apple Pay to be launched soon

If internet banking opened new gates for businesses, mobile payments have probably opened a complete new dimension. Mobile Payments have not been very famous in the North American region until Apple Pay completely revolutionized the sector. With the aggressive development of Apple Pay over the last few months or so, Google has decided to bring back its own horse in the race. Google also tried to make a mark in the field approximately 4 years ago but failed. Now, the search engine giant is back to make amends for the lost time with a refurbished Google Wallet for the potential users of mobile payments.google-wallet

According to the reports, Google is looking forward to make a valiant return to the arena of mobile payments with a developed and refurbished Google Wallet. The release of an updated Google Wallet was announced during the Google I/O conference. The general idea is that Google will look to add quite a few features to Google Wallet to make it more efficient and user friendly. The development will also comprise of an inherent competition with Apple Pay as they were the ones to take the giant leaps in the sector.

Google has played its cards very well as the acquisition of Softcard will play a major role in the development of the refreshed Google Wallet. There are rumors all around that the company is in talks with Visa and Mastercard, who are already in the list of partners for Apple Pay. Major wireless carriers have also shown considerable interest in working with Google Wallet as the incentive percentage is expected to be high.

Now one will have to wait for the refurbished Google Wallet and only then one will come to know the exact changes that have been made by Google. The company promises to provide a fully functional payment system specially designed for ease of use and security for the users.

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