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French minister meets Twitter, Facebook and Google, asks to help curb terrorism

France Chief internal security officer Bernard Cazaneuve on Friday visited the Silicon Valley for meeting Twitter, Facebook and Google for discussing terrorism issues. The companies were urged to work with French officials for working directly and for removal of extremist propaganda when authorities inform them.french-minister-silicon-valley

The one-day visit to San Francisco comes after the Paris attack that left 20 people dead including three extremists. The visit sees a way to remove the usual formality of informing though government channels which results in delays. Cazaneuve also urged the tech companies to remove terrorist propaganda and black websites that allow them to recruit new followers.

“It is important to have the full cooperation and quick reaction,” said Cazaneuve.

A Facebook representative stated that they regularly host ministers from around the world, and were happy to welcome the minister. The company also added that they were working “aggressively” to prevent any terrorist content or propaganda on their site. Twitter stated that it needed to cooperate with the law enforcement guidelines and were reviewing content that were against the rules. Google did not comment on the meeting.

All the tech giants have not announced whether they were willing to work with the French government, though they are likely to decide soon. The French minister also wanted to create counter-terrorism speech for preventing terrorist acts. France has been focusing on removing extremist content and has created an interest in Europe’s top security officials.

The discussion between the companies is expected to continue in Paris in April. Cazaneuve added that the visit was the first step in creating a strong relationship between the french government and tech companies. More tech companies are expected to be invited for the fight against terrorism. Foreign fighters in the Islamic State constitute 3,400 out of the 20,000 around the world, a major cause of concern for the western nations like U.S and Europe.

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