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Marissa Mayer is confident on Yahoo’s mobile division; launches developer suite

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is constantly focusing over the mobile platform to turn the company around. After joining the company as chief, Marissa has turned the company with a team of 50 to 500 mobile developers, who successfully launched a number of mobile applications such as Weather, Sports and few games too. Now, the company has planned to build its own platform for developing mobile applications better.Yahoo

At its first mobile developer conference, Yahoo has announced a new set of tools that helps the developers to build, distribute and also for making money from those applications. The company has established an application development pipeline, and the company needs now is only apps.

At the conference, Mayer said,

“If we think we can help developers make apps better, everyone wins.”

Yahoo has acquired an analytics startup name Flurry in last July for almost $300 million and that made the Yahoo to enter into the world of mobile applications. Flurry’s software provides various information regarding the activities that user were performing with their application and other information about those applications to the developers. Moreover, Flurry is collecting data over 630,000 mobile applications and also 1.6 million global mobile devices.

The recent enhancement in Flurry allows the developers to check for various insights of their applications in terms of its performance, user demographics, and device. Flurry gives a brief view for the developers to develop a better application and also gives more insights with analytics to lead more traffic and ultimately, revenue.

Of course, Yahoo needs to play a vital role in generating that revenue and also with the mobile advertising program. Mayer was an early employee of Google and was very successful with free analytic software techniques and also with ad-revenue sharing programs. Yahoo’s advertising program are taking an immense leap over traditional mobile advertisement and planned to provide tiny ads, instead of providing annoying advertisements.

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  1. Who are they really looking to compete with here? It seems most probable that Yahoo can wrestle away some market share from Google, because lets face it AdMob is a shell of its former creative self. Based on what I'm seeing of Yahoo's developer suite, there's not much here that would make developers making good cash with Airpush or maybe even Facebook turn in their direction yet. It takes a lot of time and decent incentives ( for example — http://www.airpush.com/Q1DevPromo/ ) to develop and retain a loyal developer base and its going to take Yahoo some time to do that.

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