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Battery-maker A123 sues Apple over alleged poaching; Apple iCar in the works?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is well known for the quality of the devices that it makes as well as the number of rumors about the company, the most recent is the legal battle with A123 over alleged poaching of A123 brains. Now when the talks about the huge success of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is actually cooling down, one very interesting rumor has sprung up about the iPhone maker.apple-icar-concept-image

Just imagine a situation when one of the major smartphone makers turns its sight and lands it in the automobile industry. This is what the rumors suggest is happening with Apple. According to the what is heard of till now, Apple Inc. is getting ready to rule the roads as well. To be true, there are more rumors about Apple Inc. and its products that the number of actual events that take place. But the rumors about an iCar is certainly very interesting. The rumors about a forthcoming car is all over the internet and does include the anticipated specifications as well.

The latest information which adds sugar to the coffee is, the Lithium-ion battery-maker A123’s lawsuit over Apple’s alleged poaching business. A123 sues Apple, where it said that Apple is poaching the battery-maker’s employees. This implies that Apple is surely getting ready for the battery-powered electric car. Don’t underestimate the possibility of having a few driverless cars in its catalogue as well.

When people spotted suspicious cars and vans cruising the streets of Silicon Valley two weeks ago, it gave rise to the iCar rumors. When vans moved around suspiciously with big clunky looking camera setups on their roofs, it fuelled rumors about the Apple iCar. These initial rumors also mentioned reports of a LIDAR equipped SUV prowling through the San Francisco Bay area. Google already has a name for itself when it comes to its company cars roaming the streets to map for Google street view. So, at that time it fuelled rumors that Apple may be up to a somewhat similar trick, especially when the Cupertino giant had come out in the open regarding its intention to build an independent Apple Maps system for its phones.

Sources familiar with the project remained unclear if Apple would develop the car. The company has brought in several employees from Tesla and others, including Johann Jumgwirth who developed smartphone integration for Mercedes-Benz until September. The reports indicate the company’s interest in competing with Google, which is testing the self-driving cars and electric car makers like Tesla.

Although not a lot of people have actually bought the idea of a iCar in the making, but the talks are juicy enough to catch the attention for sure. The talks also have it that Apple Inc. has already created a complete separate wing for the working on the iCar.

While Tesla is already galloping the field of making the perfect electric car, it will be interesting to see the face off between Tesla and Apple, in case an actual iCar is in prospect. Some other rumors also include that Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook is expecting iCar to hit the roads by the year 2020, which is yet again quite intriguing. With the resources that Apple have in hand, it will not be impossible for the iPhone maker to roll out its first electric car.

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