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Release of iPad Mini with Retina Display delayed

Consumers have to further wait for the iPad Mini with retina display as the wide roll out of the device has been delayed, people working at Apple said.

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This has left iPad Mini behind without sharper screen as Tablets from Amazon inc and Google inc do have so. Only limited stocks of the iPad Mini with retina display would be available this year as Apple is readying itself to produce iPad Minis with retina display. However the company may miss out the chance to cash in during the year-end holiday season, sources said. Retina display is defined by Apple as resolution that is detailed enough that the human eye cant detect pixels.

Apple Inc., has been under pressure to boost market sales and and secure market shares against other devices in the market which are lowering the prices and raising specifications.

There is uncertainty about the latest features and modifications that could be added in the next iPad mini which was due to be unveiled next month, sources said. Users seem to expect thinner and lighter dimensions with high-resolution cameras and displays as found in updated smartphones and Tablets.

“If they don’t put in a retina.. there would be howls,” said Frank Gillett an analyst with forrester.

Apple declined to give any information about the product launches. Due to the confidentiality of the matter sources from the company supply chain declined to be identified.

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