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Zuckerberg wishes Lunar Year in Mandarin; compares Internet.org to 911

Mark Zuckerberg is all along the news after the Facebook CEO showed off his Mandarin skills again. The man posted a video message delivered completely in Mandarin to celebrate the onset of the Lunar Year which kicks off this Thursday.mark-zuckerberg-china

According to Zuckerberg himself, speaking and developing a hold on Mandarin is a personal challenge for him as he wants to have better conversations with his Wife, Priscilla’s relatives who do not speak the English language. Last year, the CEO of Facebook also conducted a full length question answer session with the students of Tsinghua University of Behing in Mandarin.

On the other hand, Mr. Zuckerberg compared the right to access the internet with the right to access 911. In a statement, the CEO stated that just like any individual can dial 911 from any phone irrespective of any plans, it is also important to allow individuals the access to the Internet without any mobile data plan.

The Internet is a vast source of knowledge, which can be extensively used for various good purposes. According to him, although the usage of the internet varies from country to country, the basic information about the aspects like health and education remain on the priority list.

According to the statistics, basic information sources like Wikipedia, social messengers do not consume a large part of the infrastructure. Thus, the service providers can easily manage to allow the users in distant locations to be a part of the global network at ease.

Facebook has played a major role in the development and management of internet.org, which allows the users to access certain things via the Internet without any substantial cost incurred. He believes that internet.org will play a major role in the development of the underdeveloped nations in the coming years.

Below is the post, embedded from Facebook Page of Mark Zuckerberg:


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