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Obamacare’s Healthcare.gov send out wrong tax forms to 800,000 users

The Federal government on Friday sent the wrong information to about 800,000 people and has asked them to delay filing returns. The Heath-care law from the Obama administration drew criticism from Affordable Care Act’s Republican opponents by referring to frustration of Americans.healthcare-us

A government form called form 1095-A is similar to W-2 form for getting subsidized medical coverage through healthcare.gov. California state which runs it own financial exchange sent out about 100,000 inaccurate tax forms, though it does not come under federal law. Healthcare.gov stated that the error occurred when information of 2015 premium was substituted for 2014 numbers.

“For many of the impacted taxpayers, the tax refund could be the single largest financial payout of the year,” said Mark Ciaramitaro, H&R Block’s vice president for health care.

More than 50,000 people who have already filed have been asked to resubmit their 2014 tax returns. Affected users can find if their status by logging into the Heathcare.gov account. The federal customer service center can also be contacted at 900-318-2596. The healthcare law is already under political pressure even as the Supreme court is set to hear a case that could eliminate subsidies.

Another announcement has been made for a special sign-up period aimed at uninsured people who might otherwise face the healthcare law’s tax penalties. The grace period was sought by the Democrats and would benefit millions of families. However Roberton Williams, senior fellow at the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center stated that the error indicated the carelessness of the new law.

Though Democrats were disappointed, they were satisfied that the administration moves to reveal the error and delay tax season advances. White House swung into damage control by stating that it was only a small percentage of people. Consumers are likely to get notified immediately via phone calls and emails.

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  1. So exactly how BIG was the error? No one is reporting that data. Off by 1%, 5%, 25% 50%? How big a deal is it really or just fodder for the ACA haters on Faux Noise and Hate Radio?

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