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Nokia Here map app to get incremental updates for offline loading of maps

Nokia announced that it will release an update for its Nokia Here map application, which will allow incremental updates to its offline maps, which means the company release updates to only a part of the maps and users can download only just that portion of the map and no need of downloading the whole map gain and again.


We all are aware of the deal between Microsoft and Nokia, but Microsoft only acquired Nokia’s phones and its services section leaving behind the Nokia Here Maps. So, with all infrastructure left with the company, Nokia trying to move into the Map business and trying to improve it to compete with the other players such as Google Maps and Bing’s mapping service.

The latest update announcement of Nokia is designed to consume very less data and a very faster upgrade of its mapping application. The roll-out o the software update will be starting from today for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones that have the latest firmware (Nokia Amber for Lumia; GDR2 for all others). The company not yet announced the same update for its iOS and Android apps. But the development suggests that the company might release the similar updates to the third party platforms soon.


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