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Google’s ‘Carousel Of News’ to highlight recent news posts in mobile search

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) mobile search will now include a new carousel feature that will showcase recent news of a publications in search results. The feature is in the developing stage and most news websites will be added in the coming days.Greece-Frame

In case a user searches for “Apple”, the feature will show a carousel of posts about Apple along with the link from a single source. Google is including YouTube videos in this feature when it matches with certain search terms. The accompanying aims to make search results easier to browse and access topics. The company has asked users to try out the feature after the Academy Awards.

“Just scroll down to see a carousel of recent articles, videos or more on that subject,” said Google in a blog post.

The feature works in a same way of a filter, making it easier for the user to view topics based on his interest and committing other results. Currently, only a limited number of news sites are added to the feature. Google has not mentioned if a similar feature will be added to the web search. News, Morning edition, podcast and music from the source is also shown in the carousel of news.

Google aims to reduce the number of clicks from the user in order to find a particular subject in an easier way. This could act as a boost to popular websites though some less popular websites might added by the company. However, Google has promised to cover news websites gradually to cover the interests of all users.

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