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Alan Mulally won’t be the rumored Microsoft’s next CEO

Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally denied that he is up for Microsoft’s next CEO and he even noted that he loves his current company.

Alan Mulally denied the rumor of becoming the Microsoft's next CEO
Alan Mulally denied the rumor of becoming the Microsoft’s next CEO

Earlier, Bloomberg and Reuters reported that Microsoft board is up for considering Mulally as the successor to Steve Ballmer as the CEO of software giant – Microsoft. Reuters also reported that the Computer Sciences Corp‘s CEO Mike Lawrie also shortlisted as the next CEO, and the denial by the Mulally will turn the company’s board to look into Lawrie’s appointing.

Alan Mulally said to USA Today at CEO Forum at University of Georgia that it’s not in his plans to become the CEO of Microsoft and showed much more love to serving Ford for more years. Despite the resurfaced rumors by several media reports in past several weeks, he denied the possibilities of joining Microsoft.

Mulally joined Ford in 2006 and spent 37 years at Boeing, where he helped the company to overtake Airbus with Boeing 777 jetliner. He also improved the Ford’s performance and financial stability in his time, most of the period was in troubled time of USA’s financial decade. Despite having a record loss in 2008, Ford had managed to avoid Govt. bailout loans given to Chrysler and GM. Since then, the company has managed to report profit for all quarters.

Now, lets see, whether there will be any agic to bring him to the software company or Microsoft board finds any other qualified CEO successor. Stay tuned on The Next Digit.

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