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4 Reasons to Buy iPad Air 2 Over iPad Air

With the changing times, the tastes and preferences of electronic lovers have shifted from traditional desktop computers to advanced tablets. Gone are the days when a heavy desktop computer used to amuse folks. Now the days have come when everybody is keen to flaunt his status and style by owing a handy, stylish and elegant tablet equipped with the latest features, applications, enough storage space, high speed data, fast processor and various other traits.

The introduction of Apple Inc. has changed the meaning of the digital world. With numerous varieties and up to date inventions, Apple has taken the world up to the next level of advancement.

iPad Air and iPad Air 2 are Apple’s newly launched tablets that have gained an instant upsurge in the electronics market. Although both the tablets are witnessing more or less same demand in the market, the majority is slightly inclined towards iPad Air 2 than iPad Air. Let us have a glimpse of what makes iPad Air 2 better than iPad Air.

Upgraded Processor

Creating a more advanced product than the previous one is every business policy. And the same goes for Apple too. IPad Air is enveloped with Apple A7 iPad Air Processor that has been working brilliantly and will work the same way in future too. However, with a view to get your hands on to a more efficient processor, it is a time when you should switch to iPad Air 2, equipped with A8X Processor and affirms 40% more efficient than that of iPad Air tablet.

The advanced processor eats up more power, but assures a rich experience in terms of faster downloads, more power consuming applications and more rich games. You can play numerous games and download innumerable applications at a faster pace with iPad Air 2.


Sleek & Stylish Model

Isn’t it cool to carry a stylish tablet anywhere and everywhere without being too heavy on your pockets? No, I am not talking about the prices here, even though it is light on your pockets, but the concern here revolves around the weight and design of the tablet. IPad Air 2 is sleek and stylish encompassed with 6.9 mm of thickness and 0.96 pounds (not even a pound). It is feather-weighted and can be carried out easily.

As far as iPad Air is concerned, it has a thickness of 7.5mm and weighs around one pound. Not much of the difference, but still there is a difference. You many will be able to sense the difference with a mere glimpse of both tablets, but while holding them, you will get a semblance of how sleek and stylish is iPad Air 2 over iPad Air.


User Friendly Display

We all want to have access to a user-friendly display with a view to escape from the distractions that bother us while watching movies or playing games. Being it television, phones or tablets, we require a good display screen. iPad Air and its successor iPad Air 2 share same screen size i.e. 9.7-inch display, but do not have same display features. iPad Air 2 allows the user to use any function, watch a movie or play games without undergoing any distractions whereas iPad Air witnesses more reflective display. Moreover, the iPad Air 2 display combines three layers together and reflects less vibrant colors, thereby putting a limit to the extra reflection.


Capture the Best

You certainly want to capture the best memories in different effects, modes and colors and cherish them later in your lives. Is it possible to have your dream fulfilled with a camera having fewer features? I don’t think so! If you really have to make a choice between iPad Air and iPad Air 2 in terms of camera, go ahead with iPad Air 2, enveloped with an 8MP camera. You can definitely capture good, clear and bright clicks with 8MP camera than the 5MP installed in iPad Air. Not only this, the iPad Air 2 also allows the user to take burst mode photos and record videos in slow motion.


Both iPad Air and iPad Air 2 tablets have been wonderful creations in the technology world. However, iPad Air 2 is technologically advanced, efficient and upgraded as compared to iPad Air. With changing times, we must get accustomed to the technological advancement.

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