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Apple secretly working on electric car; will this the next big thing?

When people spotted suspicious cars and vans cruising the streets of Silicon Valley last week, it gave rise to some very interesting rumors recently. When vans moved around suspiciously with big clunky looking camera setups on their roofs, it fuelled rumors about the Apple iCar. These initial rumors also mentioned reports of a LIDAR equipped SUV prowling through the San Francisco Bay area. Google already has a name for itself when it comes to its company cars roaming the streets to map for Google street view. So, at that time it fuelled rumors that Apple may be up to a somewhat similar trick, especially when the Cupertino giant had come out in the open regarding its intention to build an independent Apple Maps system for its phones.apple-building-night

But when news trickled out, about Tesla engineers being picked up by Apple, it could not stop the rumor mongers coming up with this first instinctive anticipation. That Apple could be working on a car. Of course, the strangeness of this story, that of a technology company building a car, is not missed upon anyone.

However, it also creates an interesting and exciting future for Apple who may just revolutionize the personal vehicle segment with something of an iCar like vehicle, the way Apple under Steve Jobs changed the world and how the world looked at mobile phones.

Most of these rumors are based on employee information from Apple, which have confirmed suspicions of Apple is working on its own iCar. An employee had even written that Apple is working on something that ‘will give Tesla a run for its money’. It became hard for most tech enthusiasts to not miss the apparent connections being driven at.

These rumors came out of the low grade churning mill and became a worldwide news, when only yesterday, even Britain’s national newspaper, ‘The Guardian’ carried out a news report over Apple’s unannounced intention to build an iCar that may be in development, as the newspaper added.

Although, commentators have lampooned this recent news item, by comparing, how Apple’s first attempts at car development could give rise to similar problems that were faced by the first Gen iPhone users. The issues that were noted, were frequent crashes, bugs, and the tendency by Apple to push Apple Maps, which apparently no one wants. Yet, enthusiasts are eager about this innovation that Apple may bring to the car industry and expect Apple to weave the same kind of magic and miracle which it did in the case of mobile phones.

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