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Health care sign-ups drawing to its close on final day

Obama’s ambitious Health Care coverage program has reached its final day of enrollment for people who want to insure themselves against health risks. Today is the final day for people who are without any health insurance coverage to enroll them in the Obamacare program by visiting the government’s URL.healthcare-us

Uninsured persons can also enroll themselves by calling on the government hotline (1-800-318-2596 / TTY: 1-855-889-4325). To further incentivize the easiness for uninsureds to enroll under the program, the government has also launched a ‘personal local support’ mechanism to guide and advise uninsureds through the enrollment process. Personal help can be obtained through this site.

Those who qualify for this Health Care program are expected to insure themselves quickly as registrations and enrollment might not be possible from today after. Besides, the program comes with a penalizing incentive that can cost an uninsured a fine of $325 or 2 per cent of an his/her annual income, whichever may be higher.

To keep up with the expected rush that may burst through local navigator’s offices, navigators have decided to take appointments all through the weekend. Volunteers working for the program will be available across public locations such as libraries, malls and hospitals for pushing the enrollment drive.

However, the Obama administration is tinkering with the possibility of allowing an extension of the enrollment deadline so that those who got to know very late about the penalty in the program, could save themselves the fines that may be imposed on them. Despite such indications of a possible extension, both enrollment advocates and navigators are advising against waiting for the deadline to be extended.

Yet, the Obama administration may be predicted to look at a favorable extension, especially in view of the fact that a persistent technical issue had been interfering with the sign-ups for the program. Although this glitch has now been fixed and the enrollment of those uninsureds who were impeded from joining this program will now continue during a special enrollment period, the possibility of an extension has not been extinguished through any hard confirmatory actions on the part of the government.

Since the commencement of the program’s enrollment drive on November, 15 last year, more than 7 million people have been covered under the program

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