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Study: Android 5.0 Lollipop is more stable than Apple iOS 8

A recent study has established that Android 5.0 Lollipop had lower crash rates when compared to iOS 8 and Android KitKat. The benchmark revealed that older versions of Android and iOS 7.1 had lower crash rates.Capture31

Android Lollipop had 0.2 percent lesser crash rates than iOS 8 while Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 faced crash issues followed by KitKat. Though Android Lollipop was released a few months back, it was more stable than iOS 8 which had many issues frustrating users. Crittercism compared the crash rates of iOS 7, iOS 8 and five Android versions for the study.

Apple iOS 8 had an average app crash rate of 2.18 percent and iOS 7 with 2.02 percent. Android Lollipop had a crash rate of 2.15 percent, while KitKat has a crash rate of 2.76 percent. The results were based on reports from more than 20,000 apps used on both the platforms. However, iOS had a lower crash rate overall when compared to Android.

Though the report studies app stability, it also depends on the nature of usage, RAM and the internal storage in the device. Users are likely to face more crashes in older devices, though both the companies provide updates to fix the bugs. The report is based on third-party apps and does not explore pre-installed software for glitches.

Android Lollipop emerged as the most stable OS in Android versions, while iOS 7.1 is seen most stable in the Apple ecosystem. Apple iOS 8 had several bugs and issues right from its release and the company is yet to fix the bugs even with the release of the latest 8.1.3 update. However, Apple is set to release iOS 9 soon that might include a completely new interface with major fixes.

It remains to be seen if Google Android can fare well if a stability study is conducted with its own apps as Apple users have lesser issues with Apple apps.

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  1. Android 5 is more stable than iOS 8 because iOS 8 is a memory and resource hog. While Apple may have been ingenious in having iOS 8 work well with it's stock or native apps, the same can't be said from 3rd party developers. The fact that the iPhone 6 (+) have only 1 GB or RAM is ludicrous. IOS 8 takes more than 50% of RAM leaving you onlyt about 500 MB to use for your photos and other resource and memory intensive apps.

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