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Apple promotes games with no in-app purchases

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has introduced a new “Pay Once & Play” feature in the App Store that requires only one time payment and does not contain any in-app purchases. The move comes after several users were frustrated with the in-app purchases even in paid apps.payonceplayjt

The ‘Pay Once & Play’ feature includes three sub-sections like recent releases, blockbuster games and app store originals. Apple and Google have received several complaints relating to freemium downloads as users feel cheated when they have to access certain features through real money. Other tech companies also have issues with the pricing model.

Apple claims that the listed games in the new feature will offer “hours of uninterrupted fun” by paying once. However, developers feel that developing Lite and Pro version of a game requires effort and this was the reason for offering in-app purchases. Recently, Google had to pay more than $19 million for unauthorized in-app purchases after a complaint at the US Federal Communications Commission.

Google had to notify and refund users who had done in-app purchases. Play Store is now notifying users that the app includes in-app purchases while Apple also details the in-app purchases. More apps are expected to be added in the coming days that requires only one-time payment.

Apple had replaced the ‘Free’ button in the App Store with ‘Get’ after Google removed ‘free’ button for IAP’s in the EU. With the new feature, there will be lesser instances of in-app purchases accidentally done by younger kids. This is also an advantage to developers who will be willing to offer premium features in a paid app.

Developers might also include the pay once and play model for their future or current apps as they can be featured in the section of iOS app store.

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