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DARPA’s Memex search tool to help curb the Dark Net

If you think Google provides the best search, think again! The U.S. military has revived its game and is back with its own search tool called Memex. An engineer at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), named Christopher White created Memex to trace criminals online and it is very advanced, resourceful and organized when giving you results.darpa-memex-search

Dubbed as Google on steroids because of its exemplary performance as the search results are not the millions of page-links with description, but in depth curated infographics that lead to the criminal directly. U.S. military’s research and development team has been identifying criminal networks via suspicious URLs, but this time visual representation and powerful data-mining has made it a lot easier.

The search is definitely advanced and is definitely helping catch human traffickers and criminals involved in online crime. The search engine Memex, focuses on memory and index of platforms where human traffickers are present. These may be online forums, chat rooms, advertisements. Based on the principle of searching in-depth and helping catch criminals was the main scope of this search tool at the very outset of the project. Christopher White and 17 other members of the team have developed Memex to curb cyber crime as many hackers and criminals try to lure victims through this method.

Any criminals operating online will be caught using Memex because the results displayed by it are so vivid and the dots connect one thing to another. The complex algorithm not only saves time but makes world a better place to live in. U.S. military research and development division has surely done a great job and this tool could be of immense help to governments and organizations worldwide.

The revolution in the world of search is definitely a boon for technology and the human race as well.

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  1. This is nothing new. There has always been another layer of the Internet for years that literally dwarfs what you and I have come to know as the World Wide Web. Memex is simply a peak at the vast store house of dark data; so qualified and vetted vendors (not Snowden) may build new ways to sort, stack and quantify the same.

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