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Nintendo Mii app for smartphones to release next year

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed his plans to develop a Mii app for smartphones. The app will allow users to use Mii characters outside games and in the Miiverse social network.nintendo-mii-character-smartphone-app

This marks the entry of Nintendo into mobile platforms, but the president is unlikely to bring the company’s games for smartphones due to “falling” content prices. Iwata added that it would be fun to use the Mii characters on social media. The app is under development and will be officially released next year. However, it remains to how many social platforms will support the app.

“Nintendo game consoles incorporate Mii, which creates a digital avatar to represent players,” said Iwata in an interview.

The company has been a late entrant to mobile devices, unlike its competitors like Microsoft, which has Smartglass and Sony’s app allows streaming of PlayStation games. Nintendo has shied away from developing games on the platform, though it has created a Pokedex app for iOS and has partnered with mobile developer Gungho, to create a Super Mario spin-off.

Though the president hinted his interest in entering the smartphone market, the company is clear on its decision on not developing mobile games. It is likely to focus on Nintendo devices with the recent launch of the latest 3DS in North America. He said he was wary of the smartphone and the tablet platform due to the pricing. Iwata has always stood by his decision to develop only non-gaming apps for smartphones.

However, there are only limited details regarding the app which will provide access to Mii’s. The app might be developed for Nintendo fans who own  a 3DS or other devices to access their avatars. The features of the app can only be known after its official release next year.

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