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Facebook eyes on eBay, Craiglist; rolls out its ‘For Sale’ tools to groups

For all Facebook lovers, here goes the good news. Now the social media announced to add a new feature “for Sale” for group members. The feature is designed to enlist the selling items on the Facebook more easily making it a little more efficient.facebook-buy-sell

This hotline feature can be chosen by For Sale group members where they can create a post for the selling items. This new feature will enable the customers write the details about their selling product, flaunt its selling price and the product delivery details. Once the seller has created a post, one can make it available for selling the product. Sellers will also be allowed to check the previous status of the sold items.

One would definitely think about this feature, as customers have already been able to access the features as adding descriptions, price, and locations. But using this feature will leave you with great experience. It is completely a simplified process and helps to cut down the confusion in many ways.

The Group admins will have an easier procedure of handling the appropriate information while creating the post. The new feature will also not allow the older post to get bumped on the top of the new feed. Thus, it will be difficult for anybody to supersede you unnecessarily.

Facebook chose to announce this hot-selling news on Newsroom blog and explained that it will keep floating the new feature during the month in order to help people to access for sale group community easily. However, Facebook also reported that the complete availability of the feature will roll out in the coming months.

For adding a new experience in the customer’s buying activity, Facebook said, “These new features will roll out to all Facebook For Sale Groups in the coming months across iOS, Android and web”.

So, keep selling and enjoy great sales on Facebook. These are the two examples given by Facebook Newsroom:

  • Lisa Duncan-Thayer from Florida created Made By Mama Buy/Sell/Trade to sell her crochet work and give other local artisans a place to sell their handmade items. Now with more than 4,500 members in or near Pinellas County, Florida, the group has helped many women turn their hobbies into businesses.
  • Professional guitarist Kadu Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro created a Facebook Groupto help musicians in Brazil buy and sell instruments. In nearly three years, the group has grown to more than 34,000 members. Not only has the group enabled Kadu to personally buy, sell and trade musical instruments, it’s raised his profile and awareness for his band, Swell.

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  1. This looks to be a step in the right direction for Facebook Groups but it's still difficult to contact sellers, with messages going into the secondary inbox which no one really checks.
    Check out our review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ognfYCd0Ho.

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