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Rumored HTC One M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Good Upgrade or Not

HTC and Samsung are two of the best smartphone manufacturers in the Android game. So their flagships are eagerly awaited each year for obvious reasons. This year, both Samsung and HTC are going to release their flagships Galaxy S6 and One M9 respectively. There’s going a hell lot of hype and rumors about these devices from quite a few times. So here we will compare the HTC One M9 with the two-year-old Samsung Galaxy S4 for owners who are looking for an upgrade.Android-4-3-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-GT-I9500-Now-Available-in-India-392860-2

Rumors about One M9 are being leaked for months, but lately they all proved to be wrong. But now we almost know what to expect from the HTC stable this time. You are in luck if you are thinking of an upgrade and are currently using the two-year-only Samsung Galaxy S4 from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or carrier of your choice in the US.

Last year when HTC released One M8, people already knew everything about the device much before the launch event. This year HTC has tried not to reveal too much about the flagship before the event, but information about such things doesn’t keep wrapped for too long. These are the real photos of HTC One M9, from what we hear.

htc-one-m9-NEW-568x620 (1)

Bloomberg has already learned a few small details about the One M9 and are sharing them with the public. We all know everything about the Galaxy S4 from 2013 already, but below are a few details and comparisons for potential buyers.


The display is definitely a major part of a phone so it can definitely make or break a deal. From what we know, HTC One M9 can sport either a large 5.5″ Quad HD display or a 5″ like last year. The device is said to feature an edge-to-edge display, so they can put a bigger screen and still keep the size similar to M8. Our bet is, the display will be 5.3-5.5″ this time.

Samsung Galaxy on the other hand has a 1920x1080p 5″ screen. So if the One M9 comes out with a 5″ 1080p display this year, it may not be much better. But on the other hand, if it does come with a bigger 5.5-inch Quad HD display as we told you earlier, it will be a darn good upgrade.

Of course, we cannot guarantee anything about the HTC One M9 yet, but we are betting our money on HTC giving a decent display so as no to mess with the portability aspect of the device and not to lose the M8 fans in the process.

All said, we can only wait for the actual launch of the device. But what we all are sure about is the device is going to be much better than the two years old Galaxy S4. No one would choose the S4 over One M9 obviously, but this comparison is for those looking for an upgrade.


Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the best devices to be released in 2014 and it is the most popular Samsung device till this date. It was made entirely out of plastic though, while One M8 used aluminum. Plastic vs metal war doesn’t have an end. It ultimately boils down to one’s personal preferences.


HTC One M9 will reportedly deviate from the looks of M8 and will look quite different from it. This can both be a good thing or a bad thing. Just take a look at the render below. The big bezels around the display are no more there, the dual front speakers are now more compact and closer to edges and the device looks much sharper. It definitely looks much better than Galaxy S4 and it’ll be more powerful too. So it looks like a good upgrade.


We cannot guarantee anything about the M9, so take everything here with a pinch of salt. Saying that, most of the leaks we are referring to comes from very reliable sources. Either way it definitely will be much more powerful than Samsung Galaxy S4. Below are the specs.

HTC One M9 Specs (Rumored)

-5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD screen (Could be 5-inch 1080p)
-2.3 GHz 8-core Snapdragon 810 processor (64-bit)
-3GB of RAM
-32GB of internal storage and a micro-SD slot for expansion
-20.7 MP rear facing camera and 4 Ultrapixel front shooter
-Android 5.0.1 Lollipop and HTC Sense UI 7.0
-Dual HTC Boomsound Speakers with Dolby 5.1 Audio Technology
-2,880 or 3,000 mAh battery or more

Galaxy S4 Specs

-5-inch 1920 x 1080p HD AMOLED display
-1.9 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 600 with 2GB of RAM
-16GB internal storage (Micro-SD expansion)
-13 Megapixel camera and 2MP front shooter
-Android 4.4 KitKat with a new TouchWiz (Getting Android 5.0 Lollipop soon)
-Removable 2,600 mAh battery
-Infrared Sensor for remote

As you can see both the devices are almost similar in some departments, but miles apart in others. So you can compare the specs of both the devices and choose for yourself.


Both the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 are going to be released in March 2015. But we don’t know the exact date for any of them, but we’ll keep you updated so stay tuned.


We don’t know what we’ll get from HTC yet. This year, it seems like their strategy is to hide the devices from the masses before the launch and just shake the whole market at launch by releasing an impressive smartphone. If that is the case, Galaxy S6 will definitely lose some of its potential buyers to One M9. So it will definitely will be a good upgrade for both Galaxy S4 and S5 users.

Both Galaxy S4 and M9 are good devices, but talking about software and OS updates, HTC definitely will prove to be better. Android Lollipop 5.0 is going to be the last major update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 whereas HTC One M9 will release with Lollipop preloaded and it will obviously get more major updates in future. It is a major factor because OS updates play an important role in the Android ecosystem.

So that was it. We compared Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One M9 and told you about all the differences between both. Now it’s upon you to think whether it’s worth upgrading or not.

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