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Windows 10 technical preview for phones available to select ‘Insiders’

In a move that is very un-Microsoft like, considering all of its past releases, the Redmond based software giant came out with a limited pre-release version of its latest mobile phone Operating System, Windows 10. This move aimed at gaining an initial frank and open feedback from a wider general audience will push Microsoft up several notches on the coolness factor when it comes to its perception as a youth oriented company. This Windows 10 Technical Preview is meant for members of its Windows Insider Program to obtain a closed group window into the appearance and functionality of its latest offering for smartphones.windows-10-smartphones

The Windows Insider Program has been created with an eye to gather developers and IT professionals and general mobile phone enthusiasts, all of who would be interested in trying out the latest releases. Microsoft is relying on this program as an important logical link between its product development and the final release to the public.

This select group of enthusiasts that are gathered under the Windows Insider Program will receive a technical preview of the latest version of Windows 10. Microsoft started this type of pre-release testing method with a select group of people under its Windows Insider Program to get crucial feedbacks on the look and feel of its pre-release products before they are further tweaked for final launch into the market.

For you to be part of this program, you will have to go to the Microsoft Windows Insider page and get yourself registered as a member of the program. At the same time you will get to register your device with the program so that Microsoft is able to send you ‘over the air’ updates for installation and upgradation to the Windows 10 platform.

However, it must be made clear that the version that will be available for the Windows Insider to test and verify, are not in their final stages and there may still be several bugs and fixes that need to be taken care of. Hence, it will be completely at the Insider’s risk and discretion whether he wants to use his smart phone with Windows 10 or not.

Microsoft has announced that this technical preview will be limited only on few select Nokia Lumia family phones such as Lumia 635, Lumia 636, Lumia 630, Lumia 638, Lumia 739, and Lumia 830. A common feature running through all these models is that they are all 2014 releases and hence if you are carrying a pre-2014 windows phone, then you may not be able to register yourself as an Insider for the Windows 10 technical review. So if you are one of the lucky ones to possess such a type of phone, then register yourself today for the Insider program and get a rare Windows 10 beta upgrade.

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