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8 Awesomely Designed Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Are you owner of a smartphone or a tablet? If you invested in expensive phones and now not at all happy with its speaker sound, you need not to be dissatisfied. They are designed to be sleek, slim and smart be all your functionality. It is quite nearly impossible to get that perfect bass and tuning for sooth your ears. Companies are now coming up with portable Bluetooth speakers to satisfy your music soul. These speakers are portable with Android, iOS and Windows.

Speakers are in fact now, coming up with microphone to double up as your speakers while driving or attending a work. You need to think of two aspects before: portability and power. The more portable the speakers are, the less power they have. This means the treble and bass wouldn’t be strong. But if you are a die-hard music fan, you need to opt for a speaker with more power even if it is a little bulky to carry.

Best Bluetooth speakers are convenient to use, but of course they don’t have the quality like a wired speaker. Imagine you roaming all around the house and controlling the music on your smartphones. Now that’s the convenience and pay off when you spend money on Bluetooth Speakers. Here is a list of top 8 best Bluetooth speakers which are not only good but designed nicely!!

1. Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

It is a portable compact Bluetooth Speaker with good speakerphone capabilities. You can carry it in your backpack and use it while hiking or camping. It comes with rechargeable batteries and has a rugged look. And that its small the bass is its weak point. But then just price tag of $99 it is a great buy.


2. JBL Charge 2

It’s priced for $150 and has a 12-hour battery life. It comes in 5 attractive colors and also has a USB power out to charge your smartphone. The bass response has been improved from its previous version of 150 Hz to 75 Hz. It also has a social button by which you can connect up to 3 people with Bluetooth simultaneously.


3. Bose SoundLink Colour

It comes with 14-hour playback music battery which is rechargeable. For looks it comes with colorful accessories to cover it like NFL collection.  You can also buy a car charger for it or a charging cradle. It says that it plays the music with fullness, depth and clarity.


4. Boombotix REX 

This is a waterproof speaker which can be connected with any mobile device. So if you want to run when raining and listen to music this is a good speaker to buy.  Its battery life is 6 hours and has a passive bass woofer.


5. Jawbone Jambox

This is an amazing looking speaker with bold colors (black, blue, gray and red) and stunning design. You can buy Jawbone Bluetooth headset to pair with it. The price is about $199 and it has a little speaker bar with 2 drivers on both sides to give a balanced sound.


6. Braven Series

They are designed in a classy way and still are rugged to carry with you anywhere in your backpack. It has various options, some of them even being waterproof, shock absorbent and ultra-lightweight.  It has playtime option of 12 hours.


7. Motorola Roadster 2

It is a car speaker with interesting design priced at $43. You can mount it on a car visor and enjoy the music. It claims to reduce 8.5dB of noise. The only lacking point is the unavailability for iOS.


8. IK Multimedia Loud

This is an expensive speaker specially designed for song lovers. It has a bass reflex port for superior music performance and high frequencies. It has a low battery life of 10 hours, but two 4W speakers for high performance.


So, here are all the best Bluetooth speakers that we feel are not only useful but are awesomely designed. To know more about these best Bluetooth speakers, don’t forget to click on their respective links.

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