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Trying to dominate the AIO PC Market – Lenovo, Acer released more new models

Lenovo reveals an all-in-one (AIO)  PC featuring 29 inch screen size and Acer has launched it’s new AIO 19 inch PC both trying to dominate over the AIO PC market.


Apple has been launched iMac an AIO PC in 1990. Today, in the new era, consumers prefers to buy an AIO PC instead of old fashioned traditional desktop computer which comes as CPU and monitor but now AIO PC making changes as CPU installed in monitor, it reduced the space and increase the efficiency of work and fun.

Display size is most important features of AIO PC.  In market, the size of AIO PC is varies from 21 -23 inch range. Lenovo, the leader in PC making is launching B750, it is powerful AIO PC having 29 inch screen size. Acer also released Aspire ZC-605 Series which comes with 19.5 screen size.

Frank Change is directer of desktop product management, Acer America said in statement that “it (Acer Apire ZC-605)  is an excellent choice for those wanting to try an all-in-one for the first time,”

Consumer may seek an innovative and cost-effective AIO PC. The competition is arising among PC vendor as AIO PC industry growing rapidly.

Lenovo B750 is 29″ inch screen size,  including high-definition picture quality display. JBL an audio electronic company designed 2.1 speaker and Lenovo’s Split Screen technology enables user to do multitasking in multiple windows. The processor is latest, an Intel fourth-generation Core i7 processor and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX760A graphics technology.

Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi,  six in one card reader and HDMI ports comes with Lenovo B750 AIO PC.

Lenovo already launched B550 which is available now in stores. A530 and B350 expected to release in later this month. The most awaited  Lenovo B750 will arrive in January 2014, the price of  B750 may starts at $799.

Acer’s Apire -Z605 is  19.5 inch screen display gives basic feature, micro SD card reader, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The important feature is 1TB hard drive storage, HD Webcam which is adjusted up to 20 degree, HDMI ports and USB 3.0 ports. It is powered by Intel Celeron dual core processor, price start at $5.99.

The competition is strong, as Lenovo is taking best steps as coming with 29 inch screen size powerful AIO PC but Acer has to offer some great AIO PC to impress the customers.

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