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5 Reasons Your Next Smartphone Should be a Motorola

Just go back a couple of years, Motorola was dying a slow death in the global mobile phone market. Then Google bought Motorola and in 2013 Motorola came out with an all new flagship Moto X. Unlike other flagships, the Moto X was not all about the specs but about the user experience. Then, a few months later, they released the Moto G – a cheap smartphone off contract but with better specs. It was a huge success, even bigger than the previous Moto G. Then following this cheap-yet-good phone strategy, they released yet another chap phone Moto E, targeting asian markets which too proved to be a great success. After that Motorola once again established as a great smartphone manufacturer.

I am Moto X (1st Gen) user myself, and I can vouch for the fact that buying a Motorola phone will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Be it Moto X, Moto G, or Moto E. Here are 5 reasons why your next phone should be from Motorola:

1. The near stock Android OS will give you the real feel of Android


Most of the Android users don’t know completely about Android and they think what OEMs like Samsung, LG are giving on their phones is Android. It IS Android but what most user don’t know is that the OEMs slap their custom customizations on their phones which in most cases make the Android laggy. That is also the reason behind Android’s image as a laggy OS. Stock Os is the unadulterated version of Android. Trust me on this, stock Android is fast, really fast. Just use a mobile phone with stock Android, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Motorola provides stock Android with some bonus Motorola specific features about which we’ll talk about later. That is the reason Motorola’s Android is light, fast and responsive, even on low-end phones like Moto E as compared to the similar smartphones from other manufacturers.

2. Level of customization


Android is all about customization and Motorola make it even better by providing much more customization options for the physical appearance of their phone as compared to other manufacturers. With Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen both), you can choose a black or white front and then match with it a normal back available in various colors or even wood finish backs (even leather backs in Moto X 2nd Gen). Not ending there, you can also engrave your name or anything on the back.

Even if you don’t have a Moto X, you have an option of choosing from various color back plates for your Moto G or Moto E. So Motorola really gives you a chance to make your Android phone YOUR OWN.

3. Extra features that are not bloat and are actually useful


The most manufacturers’ phones come with extra apps or features which make them unique from other manufacturers. In most of the cases, those extra features are not useful and are bloat. But Motorola did a very good job here. The extra features that come with Moto phones are actually useful and not bloat. You can access all the features from one app named Moto.

Starting with the flagship Moto X, you have Moto Voice which allows you to interact with your mobile phone without even touching it. It may not sound useful on paper, but it definitely is helpful in situations like cooking or driving. You can even name it. For example, you can name it ‘Ramos’ and then say “Hey Ramos! What’s the weather going to be like this weekend” and the phone will tell you about it without even touching.

Now comes the Moto Display (only on Moto X). Now Moto X doesn’t come with a notification LED. That may sound disappointing, but Motorola actually has a better alternative for notifications. Moto X uses an AMOLED display, so whenever a new notification comes, the display shows it in a battery efficient way. Only the pixels that are required gets lighted and the rest of the display remains black. So whenever you take out your Moto X out of your pocket, it’ll show the time and notifications without pressing anything and that too in a battery efficient way. Trust me on this, once you these features, you cannot go back to a phone that doesn’t have it. It’s that good.

Then comes Moto Assist ,which is available on all of the Moto devices. It has four modes – driving, meeting, home and sleeping. The app automatically puts the phone is settings related to the respective situation. The app will connect to your calendar events and during a meeting it will automatically put your phone in silent or vibrate mode so your phone doesn’t interrupt your meeting. Using GPS, the phone will automatically know that you’re driving and will put the phone in respective settings. For example, when driving if your phone is connected to aux or Bluetooth car stereo, it will automatically start playing music and if a message or call comes, the phone will launch a voice assistant, which will read out the message to you and tell the name of caller in case of a call and will ask you whether to take the call or reject it. You can also reply to message by dictating it. The Home mode also uses GPS and it will put the phone in specific settings for home which you have set.

4. Really fast OS updates


Although I am talking about this as the fourth point, this a big (really big) factor when buying a smartphone. Other manufactures like Samsung, LG have to put their own customizations on top of the stock Android, so they take considerably long time to push the updates to end users. But since Motorola uses a near stock Android, pushing updates to users is much simpler and quicker. For example, when Kitkat was released in November 2013, Moto X got the update within two weeks. Some users got the update even before Nexus users, which are usually the first to get the updates. Same case with Android Lollipop, Motorola released the update just after 9 days after the release of the OS. Now that is really, really fast and that is something other manufacturers should surely learn from Motorola.

5. Truly bang for buck

moto g

When the Moto G was launched, the whole Android community was is state of shock. You are getting a when with mid-range specs at a cheap price of $180 off contract. And unlike other phones with same specs or the same price range, it was pretty good in performance department too. It was a great a great example of a cheap Android phone that works. Then came the Moto E. With an even cheaper price tag of $130 off contract, it proved to be a darn good phone for that range and sales number also confirmed that. Even the Moto X is priced at $500, which is cheaper compared to other flagships that retail for $650 usually.To make the deal sweeter, Motorola frequently runs discounts on their devices.

All in all, Motorola has definitely made a drastic comeback. Granted, there are other companies that make good devices with good features, but after using a Motorola device for over a year, I am not going back to any other manufacturer.

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