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9 Websites to Learn iPhone App Development for Free

iPhone is unarguably one of the most revolutionary inventions of the last decade. It changed the way we live life by putting nearly everything at our fingertips. The possibilities that it provides to users with hundreds of thousands of apps available in App Store are endless, but those opportunities couldn’t have been possible without the support of an enthusiastic developer community that develops apps for this remarkable device.

There’re countless benefits of developing apps for iPhone. Since you’re reading this article, I assume that you already know about them, so I would like to avoid discussing about them here. What I want to discuss about are some websites that you can visit to learn iPhone app development for free. Here’s my list and don’t forget to check my other article showcasing best sites to learn Android coding for free.

1. Appcoda

I would like to place Appcoda’s iPhone app development course above anything else because it’s the most up-to-date, thorough and most organized courses that I could find for this purpose. From beginner to intermediate to advanced, the whole course is organized into sections in such a manner that you can jump on to a section directly depending on the amount of knowledge that you have. Plus, it also touches nearly every aspect of iPhone app coding, including the new language Swift that Apple launched recently.


2. Code School

Code School’s iOS development course is another great free course that anyone can take to boost his/her iPhone app development skills from zero to hundred. However, it expects you to have some basic background in coding. Overall, there’re 20 videos and 67 challenges (exercises for practice) in the course that’ll make you an iOS coding Rockstar.


3. Udemy

The big name in industry of programming, Udemy, has a great, free course for iOS coding too. More than 34,000 students have enrolled in this course of 9 sections and 23 chapters that teach everything from the prerequisites for developing iOS apps to submitting the app.


4. Alison

Alison has a great course that you can complete in 10 – 15 hours with 5 modules covering 18 topics related to iOS development. It has been developed by Stanford, and yes, it has a certification too! Plus, it’s also supported by an enthusiastic community of developers learning to code just like you.


5. Design Then Code

This one is also a great option for first time iPhone coders as it teaches the basics of everything from Xcode to Objective-C to Cocoa framework and then dives the learner deep into developing iPhone apps from scratch. However, it’s also worth keeping in mind that it doesn’t teach any of basic topics in detail – what you’ll get is a basic introduction of each of the these concepts explaining how these concepts contribute to iOS coding. The course expects you to have some knowledge of all these programming concepts before you take a look at it.


Apple’s own resources

Finally, we can’t forget the resources that Apple provides itself to help developers interested in developing iOS apps. There’s no lack of such resources from the company’s side. For example:

6. About Objective-C

In case you’re a total stranger to programming I would like to tell you that Apple has a great course for you. iOS apps are developed on the foundation of Objective-C, so it’ll be much better for you if you learn Objective-C before taking a look at other tutorials or resources. The cool part about this course is that you can download it as PDF to read offline as well.


7. Start Developing iOS Apps Today

Once you’ve learned enough of Objective-C, you can start with Apple’s own guide to develop iOS apps. From setting up Xcode to submitting the final app, everything has been explained in great detail throughout the guide. It explains every important aspect of developing apps for iPhone in 9 chapters and 3 tutorials and also tells where you can go from there to polish your development skills further.


8. iOS Developers Library

The answer to every iOS app development related question lies here.

9. WWDC Videos

Videos from Apple’s world-known World Wide Developer’s Conference are also great to learn about iPhone app development.


That’s all guys. 9 great websites that will help you to learn iPhone app development for free and help you in building your iOS coding skills from scratch. Now it’s your duty to act and learn development of iPhone apps to achieve your goals. Go and do it

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