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Apple iOS 9 concept video shows notification center features

A concept design video of iOS 9 reveals the new features in the notification center which might inspire Apple to add the features before its final release. The design was created by students from Mobile Creative in Stockholm as a part of their university project.nc-1

Visuals will get a makeover and notifications are grouped by app instead of being displayed as a lengthy list. Every app will get a colored row and tapping them displays the latest notifications. Users will be able to quickly navigate by swiping left or right to view older notifications. The idea incorporates the concept of iOS and Android, keeping Apple style in mind.

“We were given the task to identify and redesign,” said Petter Anderson in his blog post.

Friðgeir Torfi Ásgeirsson and Jonas Jerlström were the two other who were also involved in creating the concept video. Anderson mentioned that the main reason to choose iOS was because the numbers of iPhone users who were affected. He added that the redesign was based on the upcoming concept of card UI and incorporating with the existing UI/UX interface in Apple.

Several reports indicate that Apple will bring in major bug fixes in iOS and changes is design and interface are also expected. iOS 8 users are not quite happy with the current notification center and Apple is expected to take a cue from the concept video to add some innovative features. What are the other features that you would like to see in the upcoming iOS, let us know.

Check out the iOS 9 concept video:

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