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Microsoft Windows 8.1: How to be more productive?

Since last year major of the laptops are pre-installed with Windows 8, which can surely be irritating for consumers who have been using Windows 7. Windows 8 has changed the computer experience to touch technology, thus bringing Mobile technology to Laptop itself. Windows played smart to give users a new experience on the desktop after observing the widespread increase in sales of tablets and smartphones.windows8_1-tips-tricks

But one negative aspect ruined the whole game plan of Microsoft. Users were still looking for control on Windows application like before, but with Windows 8 it was not possible. Users were lost in switching from one UI to another in a nick of the moment. There was not Start menu button, but instead all applications appear in the form of tiles. With time Microsoft started working on improving 8 and launched 8.1.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 has boot-to-desktop option making it less frustrating on non-touch screens. There are various pop-ups which identify the hot corners and explain how to use them. Windows 8.1 offers customers a friendlier approach which Windows 8 was missing.

Here are some of the ways that help you to know how to be productive on Windows 8.1:

1. Task Scheduler

This is a powerful tool which will enable you to automatically run an app or perform an action at a particular time. This means it acts as a clock assistant for you and you can forget certain things to be done like running an antivirus at a specific day or time or taking a backup and moving the data to Skydrive.  You can open the Task Scheduler tool and slowly follow the wizard to create a pre-assigned task.

2. Windows To Go

Microsoft allows to create a bootable Windows Live USB Disk for enterprise edition. This way you can simply carry your Windows 8 in your pocket in the USB drive. This can be done on a memory card as well.

3. Start button

Start button disappeared in Windows 8 and people were lost, totally were blanked how to open an app. With Windows 8.1 start button appeared back to live tile screen. You can just start typing the name of the app and it will appear in dropdown to select. So now you can work on the desktop version with a Start button and no worried about change of different UIs. This will definitely increase your work efficiency and make it less frustrating.

4. One –Search Option

Go to PC settings > Search and Apps and turn on ‘search from web’ option. This will now enable you to search any file, topic, app simultaneously for desktop and Web. So next time you want to search for your Star Wars episode just start typing in on the start button.


5. Cloud Drive

You must have been using Sky Cloud for storing your data and must want to use it just like a drive on the laptop. With windows 8.1 this task has been made much easier. Now you can mount a synced drive to Dropbox, Amazon Cloud drive or Google drive. OneDrive will be created as soon as you post your data on Cloud Drive.

6. PowerShell

This is a great benefit to help you carry out intensive work on DOS mode. If you tend to forget commands on CMD you can easily use Windows Powershell. You can find this option in Navigation Properties.

7. Switching off the Notifications

Last but not the least, with so many of your accounts on various Social media sites, you must be getting one or the other notification every now and then. With Windows 8.1 you can opt to switch the notifications for a few hours to let you allow working in peace without any distractions and disturbances. You can to PC settings > Search and Apps and switch on the Quiet Hours.

With so many benefits that will help you to be more productive on Windows 8.1, one should definitely give a try to 8.1 and stop cursing Windows 8. There is no doubt that after negative feedback on Windows 8, Microsoft worked hard to retain its customer loyalty.

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  1. Simpler solution : run over your Windows 8.1 equiped laptop with your car, then go out and get a Mac!

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