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Google’s new Android ad focuses on ‘Friends Furever’ in animals – must watch

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has released a new video ad campaign for its Android OS called “Friends Furever.” The campaign includes series of short videos that shows two different kinds of adorable and really cute animals (including birds though!) playing together and helping each other.android-friends-furever-ad-campaign

Android’s Friends Furever ad campaign includes short videos of 6 seconds and a mashup of all short videos in one-minute video. The one-minute Friends Furever commercial shows all kinds of cuddly critters for a meaningful symbolism to live, play and enjoy the time together, no matter the race, ethnicity, religion etc. The campaign comes with the tagline “Be together, not the same.”

The video campaign seems to be a hit for Android, as it has already garnered nearly 5 million views on YouTube. We can see few “dislikes” to this Android ad – most probably, from some iPhone (iOS) lovers!

The symbolism shows how the Android mobile OS seemlessly works with a wide range of smartphones, tablets and even on smartwatches on a wide range of brands. Some people even tag this video as anti-Apple, but we can’t find anything offending here. Ah, don’t say iOS only work on Apple devices – same, not different – and attach it to this video ad. Will you?

Here is the 1-minute Friends Furever commercial:

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  1. This is adorable! I love it. More, more, more!

  2. A great ad. It's sweet, funny and gets the point across. Better than most of the ads we see now in days.

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